18 Days of Summer #10 {Happy 21st Birthday Jacob}

Today was a day of mixed emotions, we were celebrating my brothers 21st birthday, and going back home from our summer stay at Nana and Grandad’s.  We had to be up early and head out to church, it’s further to travel from my Mum’s and James was on Kids team so had to be there an hour and a half early.  My Dad packed half of our things into his car so that when we traveled back home in the evening we’d have room for everything.  The girls had only packed summer dresses (my fault for not checking) so had brought things in two shifts earlier in the week.  My wonderful Mum had helped me get straight with our mountainous washing whilst we were there too, so we had lots to take home.

The children all needed baths, so that was a quick job and hair was put into dutch-braided pigtails with a zigzag parting.  Nice and neat, meant that they could have curly hair later.

We all chilled out whilst James was setting up the kids room in the baby area upstairs at church.  I’ve said in a previous Sunday post has cosy the baby area is.

After church, we headed back to my parents (after dropping off some things at home) and we all hung out with family before Jacob’s birthday meal.  The children love hanging out with my extended family and my brothers and sisters always spoil them with affection and gifts when they can.  My Nan and Grandad came, my two brothers came, my sister (Auntie Jenny), my cousin, family friends, as you can imagine, it was a bit of a houseful.

After dinner, I disappeared upstairs for a while.  I began to have a lot of anxiety about driving down to Worthing tomorrow.  It hit me that I have to drive on Bank Holiday Monday when it will be busy, maybe lots of traffic jams, there are weather warnings for the South of the UK and I will have four children in the car.  Hmm…. I don’t think this was an irrational anxiety.  Started debating what I should be doing, and also packing up the rest of our things ready to go home for the evening (whatever else happened).
My Mum was sad that we were leaving, the girls presented her with some flowers which I had chosen.  I knew they were her favourite, and they thanked her for having us.  I’m sure my Mum is glad to have her home back, no more pooey nappies, potty training babies, Peppa Pig *snorts* on the telly, but she was definitely sad to see us leave too.

I started having panic attacks about all we had to do.  James packed up the car, my brother looked after Eden.  The children ran riot for a while.  The girls asked to speak to their Mum for the first time.  I guess 10 days is a long time to be away.  We tried calling but couldn’t get through, we would try again tomorrow.

We got home, debated what to do tomorrow, decided that travelling down Bank Holiday with a weather warning would be foolish, and James rebooked himself on the National Express for the following day, and a train down to Worthing from London.  I felt better about this and planned a rest day for tomorrow so that I’m fresh to drive down on Tuesday nice and early.  Also, we have to organise and pack the car properly.  Travelling with so many children is very stressful.

Looking forward to my rest day tomorrow.  Anyone else driven the length of the country with four children 8 and under on their own?  Any tips?  They will be greatly appreciated.

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