A Little Pink Coat {The Ordinary Moments 16 #4}

I remember the day that we bought it for Shayla-Rae while we were in Debenhams.  I remember being gutted that they’d sold out in Isis’ size.  A little pink coat with hearts, and a swing style flare.  It was the most adorable thing we’d ever seen her in.  Shayla-Rae really suits pink with her bright blonde locks, big blue eyes, she is a true summer and suits all of these beautiful bright colours.  When she grew out of the little pink coat we made sure that we put it away in case we ever had a girl.  I had a baby Judah when she’d grown out of it, but I don’t think we had any plans for anymore at that point.  We just kept it anyway.

Along came Eden, the baby that just wouldn’t grow.  She finally weighed 10lb when she reached 1 year old.  So I don’t think we ever imagined the day that she would fit into the little pink coat that we loved to see Shayla-Rae in so much.  James went to put it on her recently and I said, don’t be silly, it will never fit.  Ok, it hangs longer than it’s meant to, but it still looks absolutely darling on her.  She’ll be able to wear it even longer than Shayla so long as it doesn’t get ruined.

Eden loves her little pink coat and is constantly wearing it even in the house, she’ll wake up and go to find it and put it on.  She gets attached to things this way.  This child is the ultimate girly girl.  At heart, this is who I am, but this isn’t something she’s learned from me, she’s barely seen me dress up or wear make-up since she was born.  Running around after a toddler and a newborn didn’t really allow the time.  Not to mention the postnatal issues.  Now, with two toddlers and bad anxiety, she sees me in make-up and dressed up even less, but it doesn’t stop her.  She is like a magpie when it comes to anything girly.  She is drawn to handbags, tutus, jewellery, make-up, asks me to do her hair, and paint her nails.  I did give in and paint her nails once.  I didn’t like it, she’s far too young, but it made her so happy.  I think I will need to invest in those children’s versions that pretty much wipe off.  They’re not cheap considering that they don’t last but for the smile it placed on her face… this will need to happen at some point soon *goes off to google the brand again*.

Seeing Eden in this beautiful little pink coat at the weekend really cheered me up and I couldn’t help but snap some pictures of her, as we convinced her that if she stood on a plastic bottle top someone had carelessly discarded in the woods, it would make us all dance and sing.  She loved her magical button (the bottle top) and we were able to capture quite a few pictures of her with this lovely sunlight coming through behind her.

She is so loved and I love seeing her in something pre-loved by one of our elder daughters.  They have a great attitude to the hand me downs that they get.  It makes them really excited to receive something they’ve coveted for a while.  We only pass down the beautiful things, and honestly Shayla has more clothes than anyone in the home because she has all of Isis’ old clothes and all of the new things that she gets often too.  Shayla loves that Eden now wears her little pink coat.  It’s funny isn’t it, how something so simple, made us all smile so much?

a-little-pink-coat-1 a-little-pink-coat-2 a-little-pink-coat-3 a-little-pink-coat-4

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Week One #CelebratingMotherhoodIG Round-Up

Wow, considering that I only announced the #CelebratingMotherhoodIG and #CMDadsCorner  instagram communities on Thursday (what was I thinking saying I’d do a round-up this week?) I have been so pleasantly surprised to see that not only do I have enough participants to have a round-up I was ridiculously stuck trying to choose just four.

I have been good and just chosen four over all, but I’m also going to feature here my #CelebratingMotherhoodIG picks and then the #CMDadsCorner choices separately too, as we had enough to choose from in just two days.  Thank you so much guys.  It means a lot to have people get behind me as the word spreads.  I have had nothing but positive comments here on the blog and over on my instagram feed too.  So thank you, really, from the bottom of my heart.  I was petrified about doing this, especially on my own without a co-host, but I realised that this is the purpose of my blog and it’s about time I stepped out and started showing it.

#CelebratingMotherhoodIG, #CMDadsCorner, instagram community, week one round-up, I'm Every Mum, Parent blogger, Celebrating Motherhood


There were so many lovely Mamas pics to choose from I don’t know how I will do it next week when there are more.  This week I didn’t have to.

#CelebratingMotherhoodIG, #CMDadsCorner, instagram community, week one round-up, I'm Every Mum, Parent blogger, Celebrating Motherhood

Gorgeous Katie and LL from @mummydaddyme, the ever helpful Lily from Lucy @hellobeautifulbear, little Ladybird enjoying a swim from @ladybirdsadventures and the beautiful Millie with her teddy from @tanyaallman91

Thank you so much to all joined in.  Please continue to tag any images you feel encapsulate parenthood for you.  Don’t forget each month I will draw from the tagged photographs to choose someone to celebrate…. just because.



Knee high boots from Start Rite

Not so long ago I blogged about how Isis had out grown all her shoes and we had bought her a few new pairs including these beautiful knee high boots from Start Rite.  We had bought them all some new black patent Dr Martens and I also bought Isis a pair of party shoes and these gorgeous tan leather knee high boots from Start Rite as they looked like they would go really well with a lot of her new clothes.


Last weekend was the first time she chose to wear them, teamed with this gorgeous check dress shirt from Next Autumn Winter collection 15/16 I could see that my days of guiding her fashion choices is long becoming a thing of the past.  Gone are the days of crazy thrown together outfits that looked like a rainbow had thrown up on her.  As happy as those outfits were, she has developed a great little style all of her own.  Choosing clothes that she likes when we go shopping together, her taste has really matured, but she still looks like a little girl.  Eek, she’s growing up too quickly.  Scary really.

brown tan knee high boots, knee high boots from start-rite, children's fashion, tween fashion, I'm Every Mum, Fashion Friday, Check shirt, Isis Mae, twisted rope braid, parent blogger

These boots are a great staple to a wardrobe as in this colour and fabric she could wear them with casual midi dresses in the summer months.  She can wear them with skinny jeans tucked in, underneath boyfriend style jeans (although they’d be wasted hidden, she has plenty of other shoes she could wear with those), with city shorts, skirts.  They’re just so versatile.  The most important thing of course is that she fell in love with them as soon as she saw them.


The great thing about buying knee high boots from Start-rite is that Isis says they are really, really comfy.  You’ve got that great support and well fitting shoe that they need while their feet are still growing with added style.  I would never have expected to find knee high boots from Start-rite, I just didn’t associate the brand with fashion.  I imagined all the pairs we’ve bought from them over the years.  Great for little ones that are learning to walk and especially up until about age 7 as their little feet are so precious and the bones are still soft.

brown tan knee high boots, knee high boots from start-rite, children's fashion, tween fashion, I'm Every Mum, Fashion Friday, Check shirt, Isis Mae, twisted rope braid, parent blogger

We bought these from Alex and Alexa but you can find the style ‘Gallop‘ available elsewhere.

Fashion Friday on MummysGotStyle.com


#CelebratingMotherhoodIG an Instagram Community

I have seen lots of  instagram communities arising recently.  Two of my favourites are #LittleFierceOnes hosted by Amy and Aby who are fast becoming instagram royalty, and also #LifeCloseUp hosted by the beautiful Jenny at Let’s Talk Mommy.  I LOVE instagram.  I have nowhere near as many followers as most instagrammers do.  Not even close.  The purpose of this is not to build up my instagram.  The purpose for this community is plain and simple.

There are too many forums and places in this world where we all are too quick to jump on the bandwagon and judge other mothers.  Motherhood means many different things to many different people.  There are Mums out there who will never see their angel babies again in this life.  There are foster Mums, step Mums.  Mum’s who needed to adopt, or chose adoption first, Mum’s that may have needed help with fertility.  There are single Mums and single Dads.  Our eldest girls will tell you they have three Mums.  They have lived between two homes for 6 years and in one home they have two mums and in our home they have their Dad and I.

Every household looks different these days.  I want this blog and this instagram community to reflect those differences.  There is no way that’s ‘right’ anymore.  What’s right is the environment created to encourage children to flourish through security, love, encouragment and freedom to be whoever their little hearts are telling them to be.

What I LOVE about instagram is that it’s a place that is relatively open to all these days.  All you need is a smart phone and the ability to download an app.

It’s difficult sometimes to feel that you connect with the blogging community, especially if you’re not a blogger yourself.  I know a lot of the readers here at ‘I’m Every Mum‘ are non bloggers.  After a few messages recently from people who want to know how to get into blogging… I usually direct them over to Aby and her ‘Blog Club‘ (so helpful if you want to learn about starting to blog and all that it entails) posts, they’re so informative.

There’s something so beautiful about a parent and child bond.  I LOVE seeing all the little squares filled with love popping up all over my instagram feed and I wanted to do something to celebrate that parent bond.

So… how do I join in?

It’s quite simple really whenever you take a photograph that symbolises parenthood for you, that could be a picture of yourself as you are a parent.  I could be a photo of your child, it could be a picture of a snowdrop (when we lost our first baby in the womb this is what we named them), absolutely ANYTHING that symbolises parenthood for you.  All you have to do is add the hashtag #CelebratingMotherhoodIG to that picture.  You can add as many pictures as you would like.  There is no limit.  If you are a Dad then we have hashtag for you too, all you need to do is add the hashtag #CMDadsCorner.  I know that my husband will be joining in with this.

Each week on a Saturday I will share my favourites in a #CelebratingMotherhoodIG round up post here on the blog and also over on my instagram account and each month there’ll be an extra special announcement.

What’s in it for me?

This is where you’d expect me to say ‘well, nothing really, the chance to be part of a beautiful community and celebrate each other’, but that’s not true.  Each month I am going to select a photograph, or rather get my children to, out of a hat (I’ll probably post the selection process with a mini instavid) and that person will receive a little something in the post.  Something you may not purchase for yourself, to make you just feel appreciated for being Mum or being Dad.  I will tailor them each month to the winner so I can’t say what it will be exactly other than if you join in… you’ll find out.  So Dad’s don’t worry if you join in you won’t be winning a beauty box.

I don’t make any money from instagram, I don’t really make any money from this blog yet, I just want to let you all know that you’re appreciated and this is one way I can make a start.

So what are you waiting for?

Get tagging for a chance to be featured this Saturday morning in our first ever #CelebratingMotherhoodIG round up.

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5 Things I’m Grateful For

I have been feeling so rubbish for so many reasons recently but after having a good old vent to a blogging friend (the beautiful Vicki Psarias ‘Honest Mum‘) about how I can’t blog when I feel like this, I was encouraged to focus on the positives in my life.  All the things that I am grateful for.

Such wise words, and also what my Mum told me to do.  Great minds think alike.

So here are 5 things I am grateful for right now:

1 My health

Ok to look at me you’d be like, lady, you look like a walking heart attack.  It is true I am clinically morbidly obese, extremely so, and I struggle to walk because of the weight and the way being pregnant battered my body.  I am not designed for pregnancy, although I do make beautiful babies.  However, by some miracle in all other areas I am ridiculously healthy.  If my best friend is reading this, she’d be like ‘no you’re not, you always get colds and tummy bugs.’  Ha, ha.  My immune system is worse than most, BUT I have low blood pressure, no issues with cholesterol, my body is strong.  It just buckles because it’s designed to carry about 1/3 of the weight that it does.  I can lose weight.  There are so many people who are struggling with their health at the moment all around me.  I had a cancer scare recently, and although they’ve still not diagnosed the actual issue, I am completely cancer free and there are so many beautiful people in my life who are not….yet.  I will continue to pray for them and remember that I am so fortunate that my body copes the way it does.  I don’t want to ever take it for granted.

2 My husband

I know what it’s like to have chosen badly (my first husband).  I also know when I’m being ridiculous in finding fault with the amazing husband that I have now.  You know the scene when Bridget Jones is locked in the Thai prison and they’re all chatting about how their boyfriends made them take drugs, beat them, sold their bodies to make money, and she’s complaining about Mr Darcy folding his underpants?  Yep, that is me sometimes.  To be fair, I don’t really whinge about my husband to other people as I seem to realise when I start to say it out loud, how fortunate I am, and how much I sound like Bridget in that scene.  I do however pick at him FAR TOO OFTEN.  It’s really easily done when you have too much time to think on your hands.  A wise friend told me MANY YEARS AGO to choose your battles.  This is not something I have been great at recently.  When I’m feeling low, I am ridiculously picky.  Chatting it through with my Mother-in-law the other day I realised how petty it all sounds, and how there are some things I just need to let go.  Yes, it MASSIVELY bothers me when he leaves full cartons of milk out to go off,  yet somehow always puts empty cartons back in the fridge!!! Ha, ha.  But seriously, do I need to start a World War over it?  When he is taking on so many extra tasks because of my debilitating anxieties somedays…..Hmm….. NO!  I just want to take this moment to tell him…. James you are amazing and when I’m being a bitch  meanie, please, just ignore me.  I’m trying to get better at it…. honest.

3 Our home

We are renters, but I am so grateful that we live in a country where the ability to rent such a beautiful home is possible.  I’ve not physically been able to care for our home the way that I would like to in more recent months.  In truth be told, I don’t think we’ve ever had this house how we’d like it since we moved in, it is HUGE and a mammoth task for someone who has 4 children (2 that were under 2, and are now two crazy toddlers) and a back that likes to give way after 5 minutes of me trying to do anything.  Yet, it is our home.  We have an amazing landlord who on the more difficult months was lenient with us if we ever needed to ask for an extension.  If you’ve ever rented, you will know, this is ridiculously rare and he is so lovely to us.  He brings the children sweets at Christmas, his wife wants to come and see the babies when they come to do annual checks, they really are the sweetest couple.  So many places in the world people struggle to even find shelter.  We are so lucky and I never want to overlook the privileges we have just from being born in our country.

4 My Camera

Ok, this may seem insignificant compared to the things that I’m chatting about above, but I LOVE technology.  I am a techno geek, always have been.  Put me in a room with any equipment, pretty much, and I’ll figure it out.  I guess growing up singing and understanding PA equipment and sound desks started this love affair early.  I’m so grateful to have belonged to a church that would teach me about these things rather than shun a young girl away.  I certainly by no means have the fanciest camera on the market.  It’s a pretty standard entry level DSLR.  Again though, how blessed am I to live in a country where this is so accessible and affordable.  That I’m able to take beautiful photos of our amazing children.  To capture memories that will last forever.  I NEVER want to take that for granted.  It seems so normal in the blogging world, but, when you look across the face of the earth, I am in the minority to have this priviledge.

5 Our children

Seeing how the Facebook ‘Motherhood Challenge‘ affected so many people this week in different ways really highlighted this to me.  It is such a blessing to be able to have children so easily.  I don’t ever want to forget to be grateful  There are so many people who desperately want children.  We have lost two angel babies in pregnancy but we also have four beautiful children.  We are so fortunate that aside from inheriting my terrible immune system (despite being breastfed, breastfed babies can have shocking immune systems too – just a little shout out there to all the Mum’s with healthy bottle fed babies) and my asthma, they all have their health also.  I may be shocking pregnant and two years later Eden’s pregnancy is still massively affecting me, but goodness me, I would go through it all again in a heartbeat.  There are couples, singletons straight/LGBT all over the world that would PAY everything in the world to go through what I did and a thousand times worse to be a parent.  I will never be able to understand the unfairness of it all.  I just know that being a Mum is something I never want to take lightly.

Here’s a photo my husband snapped this week with the two youngest while the girls were with their Mum:


You Baby Me Mummy


Lazy Days

These lazy days  are becoming a lot more frequent in our home as of late.  The horrible wet weather plus an anxious disposition has meant a lot more staying indoors.  A lot more reading books, playing games, watching programmes, singing songs and cuddling in our pyjamas.  It has been really nice to just be and not feel the pressure to do anything.  It was hard at the weekend as it was my beautiful sister-in-love’s baby shower and I just couldn’t muster up the strength to go.  I had been looking forward to it for ages, and I am beyond ecstatic about becoming an Auntie for the first time.  I just couldn’t go.  I kept trying to get ready, but things were getting in the way and causing HUGE panic attacks.  In the end we stayed in and once again had another lazy day resting and snuggling.

James has been doing so well keeping us all afloat while I have been struggling and he had been through a pretty awful ordeal at work this week so I told him to go out if he needed to, or have a relax as the children and I were happy just chilling together.

I put so much pressure on myself, I always have, as a Mum.  Being part of the blogging community can really help, but can also highlight it sometimes.  I want to do amazing things with my children because I love them, and I love having little adventures.  I love taking pictures, I love looking back on the memories.  When you start feeling like you need to go out because you won’t have anything to blog about then you’re kind of losing sight.

Getting out and about with the camera is normal behaviour for me, I couldn’t even remember where mine was the other day though, which told me that it had been FAR TOO LONG.  James needed to rest at the weekend and that had to take priority, and I just didn’t feel up to taking four of them out on my own.  So Saturday we all just cuddled lots, and watched programmes, and then I let Daddy disappear for a few hours.  He had a relaxing bath and watched some anime or whatever it is he likes to watch that I don’t like.

Monday I decided I HAD to get out of the house.  I kind of had a now or never moment looking at the weather forecast for the week.  To be fair there has been some beautiful afternoons despite the drizzling rain throughout the day.  The sun beams gloriously through the windows at around 3pm and it’s beautiful.  So we’ve been trying to get out of the house at around this time.

It took us longer than we meant it to on Monday so we didn’t catch the gorgeous golden hour but we did play on an empty park, all to ourselves (mostly) as the beautiful pink and purple skies enveloped the setting sun.  It was so lovely.  Reminded me on everything I’m missing while hiding in my home due to this anxiety.

I want to live, desperately, to live joyfully and full of life and energy and love.  I will fight for it.  It may take me some time to regain strength but I will get there.

One thing I have realised though on these lazy days is that all these little ones need to be happy is food, shelter, water, hygiene, security and love.  I am so blessed that even on the most difficult of days I am able to offer them this.  There are so many people who aren’t as fortunate.

lazy-days-3 lazy-days-4 lazy-days-5

I am linking this post up (although I’m very late) with Katie for {The Ordinary Moments} as for me, right now, our lives don’t get more ordinary than this.