A Little Pink Coat {The Ordinary Moments 16 #4}

I remember the day that we bought it for Shayla-Rae while we were in Debenhams.  I remember being gutted that they’d sold out in Isis’ size.  A little pink coat with hearts, and a swing style flare.  It was the most adorable thing we’d ever seen her in.  Shayla-Rae really suits pink with her bright blonde locks, big blue eyes, she is a true summer and suits all of these beautiful bright colours.  When she grew out of the little pink coat we made sure that we put it away in case we ever had a girl.  I had a baby Judah when she’d grown out of it, but I don’t think we had any plans for anymore at that point.  We just kept it anyway.

Along came Eden, the baby that just wouldn’t grow.  She finally weighed 10lb when she reached 1 year old.  So I don’t think we ever imagined the day that she would fit into the little pink coat that we loved to see Shayla-Rae in so much.  James went to put it on her recently and I said, don’t be silly, it will never fit.  Ok, it hangs longer than it’s meant to, but it still looks absolutely darling on her.  She’ll be able to wear it even longer than Shayla so long as it doesn’t get ruined.

Eden loves her little pink coat and is constantly wearing it even in the house, she’ll wake up and go to find it and put it on.  She gets attached to things this way.  This child is the ultimate girly girl.  At heart, this is who I am, but this isn’t something she’s learned from me, she’s barely seen me dress up or wear make-up since she was born.  Running around after a toddler and a newborn didn’t really allow the time.  Not to mention the postnatal issues.  Now, with two toddlers and bad anxiety, she sees me in make-up and dressed up even less, but it doesn’t stop her.  She is like a magpie when it comes to anything girly.  She is drawn to handbags, tutus, jewellery, make-up, asks me to do her hair, and paint her nails.  I did give in and paint her nails once.  I didn’t like it, she’s far too young, but it made her so happy.  I think I will need to invest in those children’s versions that pretty much wipe off.  They’re not cheap considering that they don’t last but for the smile it placed on her face… this will need to happen at some point soon *goes off to google the brand again*.

Seeing Eden in this beautiful little pink coat at the weekend really cheered me up and I couldn’t help but snap some pictures of her, as we convinced her that if she stood on a plastic bottle top someone had carelessly discarded in the woods, it would make us all dance and sing.  She loved her magical button (the bottle top) and we were able to capture quite a few pictures of her with this lovely sunlight coming through behind her.

She is so loved and I love seeing her in something pre-loved by one of our elder daughters.  They have a great attitude to the hand me downs that they get.  It makes them really excited to receive something they’ve coveted for a while.  We only pass down the beautiful things, and honestly Shayla has more clothes than anyone in the home because she has all of Isis’ old clothes and all of the new things that she gets often too.  Shayla loves that Eden now wears her little pink coat.  It’s funny isn’t it, how something so simple, made us all smile so much?

a-little-pink-coat-1 a-little-pink-coat-2 a-little-pink-coat-3 a-little-pink-coat-4

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