I’m Every Mum was born out of seeing many (not all) bloggers/forums writing articles about their ideas of what parenting should look like and seeing social media wars break out on facebook and twitter.  Breastfeeding Mums versus bottle feeding Mums, stay at home Mums versus working Mums, baby led, routine led, there are so many different people out there fighting their corner of the internet.

As Mums we are very passionate about the choices that we make for our children and the majority of us do not take these decision processes lightly.  If someone is a bottle feeder it isn’t because they’re too lazy to breast feed, they may have made an informed decision that’s what is best for their family, their baby may be lactose intolerant, they may have inverted nipples.  Some Mums really try and fight to breastfeed and then weep when it doesn’t work for them and don’t need to be told that this must make them a failure as a Mother (obviously this is not the viewpoint that I hold).  I don’t believe that it is people’s intentions to make people feel this way but sometimes people write in a way that it reads this way to someone who holds this subject sensitively, even the way I’ve mentioned it here could cause controversy.  I’ve used breastfeeding as an example but there are lots of places on the internet where everyone has an opinion on something and some like to push their opinions on others.

The reality is, as a Mum it is not a one size fits all approach.  Every child is different, and every family is different.  Human beings are very complex and it would be crazy to think that an ‘x + y = right’ formula would work for everyone.

I want this blog to be a place where we celebrate each other’s differences.  That we don’t let the killer of comparison interfere with our families well being and happiness.  Let’s champion each other on as women, men, mums and dads so that we all are supported to win those daily battles that we face as parents.  We are always our own worst critics, a barrage of judgement from the Internet (that doesn’t know us) is never going to make anyone feel good about themselves or push us to do better other than out of fear about what other people think about us.  This is not a good position to make any decisions from.

Let’s trust our gut instincts and remember that we’re all just trying to do our best and none of us are perfect.

Love you all