Breakfast Treat & Toddlers Buying Gifts | Advent #2

December 2nd we awoke and I was so pleased I’d managed to get out of the house the day before I figured to keep the ball rolling we would go out for breakfast together.  I needed to go and have some bloods taken, (I’m being tested for a few things at the moment) so we set off to the GP and then after that we kidnapped Daddy to join us at Frankie & Benny’s.

My Mum telephoned me around this time, my Grandad had fractured his back and was in hospital so I wanted to go and visit him, so as soon as had finished breakfast that was where we were heading.  After being at our child friendly local Italian the night before it was difficult to keep the toddlers at the table, they just figure it’s a free for all wherever we go now.  We seem to be at a stage where we’ve lost control of them.  To be honest, I don’t mind leaving them to play happily and get up to their own devices so long as they’re safe and not doing anything they really shouldn’t.  Running around the restaurant obviously falls into something they shouldn’t be doing, so we had to use some iPhone bribery, and balloons etc to keep them at the table whilst the breakfast was cooking.

We love going to Frankie & Benny’s for breakfast, it’s becoming a little tradition of ours if we want to have a nice breakfast together.  The portions are great, the prices are great.  The children always love the food, the staff are very friendly and it’s not too expensive if we go as a six.  Judah and Eden usually share an adult breakfast between them.  James always opts for the pancakes, Shayla loves a good cooked breakfast, Isis has started copying me and our favourite is always the Eggs Benedict.  Hmm… scrummy!

Heading to my Mum’s the babies were in a good mood, albeit sometimes fighting over the balloon that had survived in the car.  We waited for my Dad to come home from work and all headed to see my Grandad.  We took it in turns watching the babies in a cafe area while we went to the observation area my Grandad was being assessed in.  I took him a balloon, which my husband thought was silly but he really loved it as he had to stay on his back, with nothing but a ceiling to stare at.  This broke my heart to be honest so I stayed with him a couple of hours until he fell asleep, so he had company and James took the toddlers off for a McDonalds treat.  Oops, two treats in one day, anyone would think it was Christmas.

On the way home we took the babies to see the Christmas lights in Lytham (round the corner from my Mum) and then to buy a gift for each other in Mothercare.  Eden was great at choosing for Judah.  We all know that he loves dinosaurs.  Judah was finding it more difficult, either finding something he would want, or the most expensive thing in the place, something we already had (we have ride-ons coming out of our ears), or Eden kept changing her mind what she liked.  In the end, we still ended up with a blow up rabbit that she can sit on, but they were happy.

Another book advent later and they were off to sleep.  It is strange having these advent moments without the girls, but we will take them to shop for each other soon, and definitely another visit to look at Christmas lights or two will be happening when they’re with us.

Hope your advent is going well so far.  We’re really enjoying ours and I’m loving documenting it over on our You Tube channel with Vlogmas.

Here’s the day in video form, my favourite bits are Judah dancing outside Frankie & Benny’s and the children running around in Lytham enjoying the lights.


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