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I have seen lots of  instagram communities arising recently.  Two of my favourites are #LittleFierceOnes hosted by Amy and Aby who are fast becoming instagram royalty, and also #LifeCloseUp hosted by the beautiful Jenny at Let’s Talk Mommy.  I LOVE instagram.  I have nowhere near as many followers as most instagrammers do.  Not even close.  The purpose of this is not to build up my instagram.  The purpose for this community is plain and simple.

There are too many forums and places in this world where we all are too quick to jump on the bandwagon and judge other mothers.  Motherhood means many different things to many different people.  There are Mums out there who will never see their angel babies again in this life.  There are foster Mums, step Mums.  Mum’s who needed to adopt, or chose adoption first, Mum’s that may have needed help with fertility.  There are single Mums and single Dads.  Our eldest girls will tell you they have three Mums.  They have lived between two homes for 6 years and in one home they have two mums and in our home they have their Dad and I.

Every household looks different these days.  I want this blog and this instagram community to reflect those differences.  There is no way that’s ‘right’ anymore.  What’s right is the environment created to encourage children to flourish through security, love, encouragment and freedom to be whoever their little hearts are telling them to be.

What I LOVE about instagram is that it’s a place that is relatively open to all these days.  All you need is a smart phone and the ability to download an app.

It’s difficult sometimes to feel that you connect with the blogging community, especially if you’re not a blogger yourself.  I know a lot of the readers here at ‘I’m Every Mum‘ are non bloggers.  After a few messages recently from people who want to know how to get into blogging… I usually direct them over to Aby and her ‘Blog Club‘ (so helpful if you want to learn about starting to blog and all that it entails) posts, they’re so informative.

There’s something so beautiful about a parent and child bond.  I LOVE seeing all the little squares filled with love popping up all over my instagram feed and I wanted to do something to celebrate that parent bond.

So… how do I join in?

It’s quite simple really whenever you take a photograph that symbolises parenthood for you, that could be a picture of yourself as you are a parent.  I could be a photo of your child, it could be a picture of a snowdrop (when we lost our first baby in the womb this is what we named them), absolutely ANYTHING that symbolises parenthood for you.  All you have to do is add the hashtag #CelebratingMotherhoodIG to that picture.  You can add as many pictures as you would like.  There is no limit.  If you are a Dad then we have hashtag for you too, all you need to do is add the hashtag #CMDadsCorner.  I know that my husband will be joining in with this.

Each week on a Saturday I will share my favourites in a #CelebratingMotherhoodIG round up post here on the blog and also over on my instagram account and each month there’ll be an extra special announcement.

What’s in it for me?

This is where you’d expect me to say ‘well, nothing really, the chance to be part of a beautiful community and celebrate each other’, but that’s not true.  Each month I am going to select a photograph, or rather get my children to, out of a hat (I’ll probably post the selection process with a mini instavid) and that person will receive a little something in the post.  Something you may not purchase for yourself, to make you just feel appreciated for being Mum or being Dad.  I will tailor them each month to the winner so I can’t say what it will be exactly other than if you join in… you’ll find out.  So Dad’s don’t worry if you join in you won’t be winning a beauty box.

I don’t make any money from instagram, I don’t really make any money from this blog yet, I just want to let you all know that you’re appreciated and this is one way I can make a start.

So what are you waiting for?

Get tagging for a chance to be featured this Saturday morning in our first ever #CelebratingMotherhoodIG round up.

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