Isis Mae on YouTube {The Ordinary Moments 16 #1}

Hello, welcome to the first ‘Ordinary Moments’ post of 2016.  I felt I was doing really well at keeping up with these on my old blog but here at ‘I’m Every Mum’ I’ve been so inconsistent the latter part of the year.  So much going on, well, here’s to 2016 and beginning again.  I’m excited to work on my blog and YouTube channel this year as now I’m not working, I just have this, the children and university to focus on.  Yes, that sounds like a lot, but when you’re no longer working four nights a week (they fired me because of my anxiety), it’s much more manageable.

Our beautiful Isis Mae got lots of lovely things for Christmas but one of the main things from us was my old laptop and DSLR.  They were sat around not being used, and I figured that seeing as she kept asking about blogging, but I was struggling to find the time to sort out my own blog, nevermind have time to sit around waiting to blog whilst she was typing things up, this seemed like the best thing to do.  It’s been so lovely being able to just sit down together and work.  Once our office is sorted it’s going to be even easier and more relaxing.

I don’t want this to become any kind of chore for her, I have said that she can sit with me, one night or two at the weekend for a couple of hours when the babies have gone to bed and she can blog or plan for her YouTube channel, or whatever she wants to do.   She often spends this time sat by my side watching me blog anyway, so now, she can work on her own.

She is a mini me, a little imitator, and it’s lovely that the things I’m interested in, she shows real passion for too.  I always love when we find these little connections as obviously I didn’t give birth to Isis and I only met her when she was 5.  Sometimes, I look at her and find it so uncanny how similar we are, when she isn’t biologically mine.  When I think about what God gave me when He brought James into my life, I strongly believe that I was supposed to be these little girls Mum too.  Of course they have a Mum, but on the days that they’re with their Dad things could’ve been so different if James hadn’t chosen to be with me.  Those little girls are definitely supposed to be a part of my life.  The day Judah was born was beautiful in so many ways but also in the sense that, it dawned on me that these little girls and I had a blood connection.  Not that it’s all about blood, but it hit me that God forbid anything should happen to tear James and I apart, sickness, death, an unforgiveable situation (you know what I mean ladies, it’s not that we expect these things but our over active minds think about this kind of stuff once in a while, especially when we’re pregnant), these beautiful little girls still would feel connected to me.  I was now the Mother of their brother and they would always be welcome to come and hang out in my home, whatever ‘home’ would look like.

My mini me wanted to have a blog and I wanted her to have her own YouTube channel, as I love the videos she films for my channel, but we obviously are two different personalities, and as much as we’ll still be a part of each other’s channels, she deserves the chance to build up her channel herself.  She has a HUGE personality that will only continue to unfold on camera as she becomes less shy (on camera, she is certainly not shy in real life), her and Shayla-Rae love to do silly challenges, so she will be doing more of that too.  I also have hardly any subscribers.  Isis may end up connecting with other children that watch YouTube and build her channel to way beyond what I could imagine.

Blogging, vlogging, YouTube, Reviews, I see these things as amazing skills that will only help her in later life whichever course she chooses to follow.  They increase her confidence, organisation, technical skills (she watches me edit and we’ve been working on photography since she received the camera at Christmas).  I imagine that she will interview so well when she’s older and applying for jobs.  She also wants to use her channel as a platform for singing the songs she writes.  This is something I’m privileged to make a reality as I have access to the University recording studios as part of my course.  So we will just go in whatever creative direction she would like to.

Also, if she decides she doesn’t want to do it anymore, then she can do that too.  There is no pressure at all, this is her space, her creative outlet and I’m looking forward to seeing all that she does in and through it this year.  We were watching lots of ‘What I Got For Christmas’ videos on YouTube the other day, so Isis decided to film her first video for her new channel based on this too.  It’s very cute.  If YouTube is your thing or you have children you think would enjoy watching her, please show her some love and subscribe.

Thanks guys.

I’m excited for 2016 and all that will happen for us, and all of you.  Thank you for coming on this journey with us. xxx

I’ll leave you with the beautiful Isis Mae and what she got for Christmas :

Thank you Katie for hosting again ‘The Ordinary Moments‘ we look forward to joining in this year

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