New Years Eve with Children

New Years Eve with Children

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New Years Eve with Children

I was going to share this post after the fact with the photos of our evening but I figured that this may be helpful for someone else so it’s better to post today.  It is the first year that we have had the girls with us for New Years Eve in the 5 years that I’ve been with James.  It just hasn’t fallen on our days, although we’ve seen them on New Years Day to celebrate the New Year together.  For the next few years it will fall over the weekend so we will be able to start a new tradition that then the babies should be old enough to carry out on the sad years that we don’t have them with us.  So as we’ve never done this before and my past was spent as an entertainer pre James, so I was always working New Years Eve, I am really excited to have this time to celebrate New Years Eve with the children.

Obviously I did what every modern Mum does who is pretty clueless what to do with four children for that amount of time, I took to Pinterest.  I found so many great ideas, and it’s going to be a lot of prep work for me tomorrow in the day, but we have no plans other than going to visit the Stick Man trail at some point, so I decided I wanted to go for it and make New Years Eve really special for us as our first one as a family.  I won’t be pressuring myself though and if we don’t manage to get all of the prep work done then we don’t, it won’t stop us enjoying our evening and having a really good time.

I saw the Time Activities on a few different posts and decided this was a great idea.  We don’t have to be rigid and not all of the time will be scheduled as some won’t take the whole half hour to do, but it looks like a great way to pass the time and the children will be excited to see what is happening next.

Isis is reading this over my shoulder as I type so I don’t want to give it all completely away, so I will write the list of our activities but not necessarily the correct time that we will be doing them at.  Some need time to dry though so you can imagine those will be earlier in the evening.

6:30pm – Making Noise Makers ready for Midnight

There are so many different ways to do this on Pinterest.  They can be really beautiful and intricate or really simple.  I will see what I find at Hobbycraft later to determine which we make but here are a couple of examples:

noise makers, New Years Eve with children, I'm Every Mum, parent blogger, mummy blogger
Photo credit : BuzzFeed

7:00pm – Make party hats

This is obviously pretty self-explanatory, we’ll be able to wear them throughout the evening or just for the photo booth, or pictures at midnight.  Whatever they want to do but they can have decorated their own with glitter or drawings.  Freedom reigns in this activity.  I’m sure we’ll have a wide variety of colours and designs between the six of us.

7:30pm – Dance Challenge

I’m not sure if we’ll set up the Wii and use a Just Dance game or if we’ll just whack on YouTube and have a good boogie to our favourite tunes from 2015.  Probably the latter but I will give them the choice.

8:00pm – The Family Awards

We will start our first annual family awards.  We don’t share our surname on the blog but that will be the name of the awards.

They will be things like –

Best Performance of 2015 i.e. Isis singing on the Rock FM stage

Funniest Moment of 2015 i.e. Daddy falling into the Christmas Tree

I will have held a vote with the children earlier in the day (I’ll probably give them multiple choice to make it easier while they are younger).

8:30pm – Scavenger Hunt

I am going to print out 12 big pictures, one taken each month throughout 2015, they have to search around the house to find these 12 pictures and then match them to the corresponding month they were taken.  This will end up being a big laid out on the floor working together to figure it out challenge, so this should be fun.

9:00pm – Decorate Cupcakes with Sprinkles

I will have baked some cupcakes during the day (probably with the children’s help) then we will ice them and decorate them together.  I may even get sparkler candles for the top, depending on whether Daddy thinks we can keep them safe enough, maybe these will just be for the older two girls.  I’ll be shocked if the babies make it to midnight.

9:30pm – Photo Booth

There will be lots of random props in this bag, glasses, hats, and we will pose in front of the wall that James and I will have set up earlier in the afternoon.  I’m going to set up the tripod and have it on multiple pictures so we can do lots of silly poses at once.  This is going to be lots of fun and I look forward to the results.

10:00pm – Write for the Time Capsule

We’re going to have decorated a time capsule earlier in the day.  Again there are lots of different versions that can be done, bottles, boxes.  There are printable forms that the children can fill in available online.  This looks a fun thing to open up each year and see the difference in the children’s answers, and also ours.

10:30pm – Sing Off

This will go down well in our home as they’re always putting on shows etc.  So we’ll have a mini Our Family’s Got Talent competition.  This will be a fun way to spend a half hour for sure.  They all love performing.

11:00pm – Video Time Capsule

We will record our answers for our YouTube channel this will be fun to watch back on New Years Day each year and see the change in their answers.  This will be especially cute as we’re able to capture the littlest ones, the way they talk and the way they say things incorrectly at this stage.  When we’ve been doing this for 5 years I will edit them together to show how they’ve grown and it will just be precious.

11:30pm – Wishing Tree

I am really looking forward to this one.  It will definitely be the best until last.  We will each write something we wish for ourselves for 2016 and something that we wish for someone else for the coming year.  To remind us that it’s not all about us and to hope for the best for others too.  There are some really beautiful ones on Pinterest.  We are going to be making the exact one below, I’ll have decorated the stars with them earlier in the day so they’ve had chance to dry and I can have threaded the string through ready to write on them and hang.

At MidnightWe will be popping confetti balloons, having a big balloon drop from the ceiling if James and I have managed to get the sheet to stay up there earlier in the day.  We’ll be shaking our noise makers, and praying for all those we love and that our wishes for them will come true.  I’m so excited to ring in the New Year with our poppets, we will all then be exhausted and heading to bed for a lie in New Years Day and then a family meal at my Mum’s house in the afternoon.

There are lots of other ideas that we will have prepared already that aren’t included in this post.  Also, lots of party food will have been consumed.  If you’d like some ideas, check out my Pinterest board :

Follow I’m Every Mum’s board New Years Eve with children on Pinterest.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and every happiness for 2016.

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