Our Book Advent and Elf on the Shelf

So tomorrow is the 1st of December which marks the start of Advent, lots of new traditions for us this year with our Activities Advent Calendar, a book advent and the first appearance of our Elf on the Shelf.

I had been seeing all these Elf on the Shelf pictures around and didn’t really understand the story behind it.  One of my friends first reaction when we said that we would be doing it this year was, ‘so you’re going to lie to your children?’.  A little extreme maybe but a valid point that I know a lot of people share.  We as parents, James and I, just want to make Christmas as memorable, magical and beautiful as we can when they’re young.  I don’t think as a Christian parent that teaching my children to have faith is a bad thing, even if it is in make believe.  We believe in miracles (I know you may now think I’m a loon, but I do) so it’s just good practice for when they’re older if they decide to believe in miracles too.  Anyway, that random side note aside, we are really excited to do the elf on the shelf this year.

Shayla-Rae has an elf on the shelf in her class at school, and she 100% believes in the magic of it, so I think this year I will be most excited to see her reaction when she sees that the elf also comes to check on her at our home.  I’m not sure the toddlers will fully understand what’s going on but they will find it funny, and I know that Isis will find it hilarious when she sees the scenarios that we concoct for our little elf.

If you’d like to see some of the ideas that we’ll be trying this year then check out our ‘Elf on the Shelf’ pinterest board below

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Also this year we will be doing a book advent and reading a new book each evening.  I’ve tried to vary them up a little.  I want to have some books that are good for Isis’ age, and some that are for Shayla-Rae (although I know she’ll enjoy the toddlers books too) but as the toddlers are here more days than the girls the majority of the books are aimed at them.  The older ones I know Isis will maybe read them a couple of pages the day she opens them and then she can keep them in her room for bedtime reading throughout December.

As it can be expensive buying 24 hardback books, we have been purchasing a week at a time.

Here are the ones that we have purchased so far, again they’re in no particular order as I will be wrapping them tomorrow when the children are at my Mum’s and I’ll make sure the days correlate with which children we have around on each day:

  1. The Night Before Christmas : The Classic Rhyme with Flaps to Lift and Sparkling Surprises!
  2. Bear Stays Up For Christmas
  3. The Polar Express : 30th Anniversary Edition
  4. Peppa Pig : Peppa’s Christmas
  5. Norman the Slug Who Saved Christmas
  6. Little Christmas Elf
  7. Father Christmas Needs A Wee
  8. Rudolf the Reindeer Can’t Find His Hat
  9. A Christmas Dinosaur : With Yellow Eyes
  10. One Snowy Night
  11. Olivia Helps With Christmas
  12. Nativity Flap Book
  13. A Boy Called Christmas
  14. How Many Sleeps till Christmas
  15. The Smelly Sprout

As you can see we still have 9 books to buy, so if you have any recommendations please put them in the comments or contact me.

Hope you’re all as excited for the 1st tomorrow as I am?  Eek

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