Week One #CelebratingMotherhoodIG Round-Up

Wow, considering that I only announced the #CelebratingMotherhoodIG and #CMDadsCorner  instagram communities on Thursday (what was I thinking saying I’d do a round-up this week?) I have been so pleasantly surprised to see that not only do I have enough participants to have a round-up I was ridiculously stuck trying to choose just four.

I have been good and just chosen four over all, but I’m also going to feature here my #CelebratingMotherhoodIG picks and then the #CMDadsCorner choices separately too, as we had enough to choose from in just two days.  Thank you so much guys.  It means a lot to have people get behind me as the word spreads.  I have had nothing but positive comments here on the blog and over on my instagram feed too.  So thank you, really, from the bottom of my heart.  I was petrified about doing this, especially on my own without a co-host, but I realised that this is the purpose of my blog and it’s about time I stepped out and started showing it.

#CelebratingMotherhoodIG, #CMDadsCorner, instagram community, week one round-up, I'm Every Mum, Parent blogger, Celebrating Motherhood


There were so many lovely Mamas pics to choose from I don’t know how I will do it next week when there are more.  This week I didn’t have to.

#CelebratingMotherhoodIG, #CMDadsCorner, instagram community, week one round-up, I'm Every Mum, Parent blogger, Celebrating Motherhood

Gorgeous Katie and LL from @mummydaddyme, the ever helpful Lily from Lucy @hellobeautifulbear, little Ladybird enjoying a swim from @ladybirdsadventures and the beautiful Millie with her teddy from @tanyaallman91

Thank you so much to all joined in.  Please continue to tag any images you feel encapsulate parenthood for you.  Don’t forget each month I will draw from the tagged photographs to choose someone to celebrate…. just because.



Siblings in December

I can’t believe that it’s the end of another year.  So much has happened this year.  My Siblings posts aren’t yet on this blog… I’m really pleased that I started this new blog this year.  It’s nowhere near where I want it to be, it needs so much doing to it, organising and posts moving across but for now I am enjoying remembering why I love blogging, vlogging and my passion for photography.  I’ve posted a lot of these pictures already on our our Ordinary Moments post but they are the best ones of my Siblings this month and they completely sum up December for me.

I LOVE this project and I am so excited for next year.  I love watching how their little relationships improve.  How their dynamic changes.  The fact that Eden had to be held in the siblings shoots at the beginning of the year and now she potters around in her own little way and we have to hope against hope that we can capture a lovely shot of her that isn’t blurry from her superfast movements.  It is so difficult to capture them all together, and I know that the girls must get bored posing but they are so good at it.  They patiently put up with all the posing waiting for the toddlers to be at least a bit involved so that I can say we’re done.

I’m also excited to see how my photography improves with my university input.  I feel that I’m learning so much and I have such a long way to go.  It’s great to see the differences as I learn my way around my camera more.



I am so grateful to Lucy for starting these beautiful photography projects that remind us to take stock each month and capture the moments that disappear so quickly before our eyes.  The Siblings project is definitely one of my favourite.

We look forward to continuing in 2016.

{Me & Mine} 2015 – July

Me & Mine July, family portrait, family photo project, photography

Daddy is loving : 

* The extra bed space on the nights Mummy is at work

* Packet noodles (fast becoming a work staple – oops)

* His new iPhone 6 now that Mummy has upgraded

* Having the car to himself now Mummy has a new car

Mummy is loving :

* Her new job and meeting new people

* Wearing make-up again (taking some time for herself)

* Having quality time with the children now school is out

* Practicing singing with Isis who is sharing her first gig with Mummy

* Doing lots of editing, planning for the future of the blog (rebrand)

Isis is loving :

* experimenting with little bits of make-up that Mummy and Daddy allow her to

* her new iPhone 4S now that Daddy has Mummy’s old phone

* herself!!! It’s amazing seeing her confidence explode after months of zero confidence at the end of last year

* singing, YouTubing, modelling, finding her creativity in many ways

Shayla-Rae is loving : 

playing with Judah all the time, they are the cutest of friends

* watching our YouTube challenges, sitting and laughing so much

* going to the park now school is out

* accessories, accessories, accessories

Judah is loving : 

* Team Umizoomi

* when Mummy gets back from work in the mornings

* our new ‘Super Car’

* having all his ‘girls’ to hang out with in the holidays

Eden is loving : 

* terrorising everybody

* pretending she’s using the potty

* going down the biggest slides she can find (this child knows no fear)

* anything girlie, trying to steal Mummy’s make-up, her sisters handbags, headbands, bracelets etc.

Me & Mine July, family portrait, family photo project, photography,

Life has been extremely fast paced recently.  With the loss of our au pair, and my working night shifts, it’s certainly never dull.  We have a second car, a blue Zafira that fits us all in.  The children have nicknamed her ‘Blue Betty’ and we are loving all being able to go places even if Daddy is at work and all together as a family on a Saturday.  It feels so freeing.  We were able to all go to the park the other day.  It would take us an hour to walk, but it’s a few minutes in the car.  We have so much fun all at the park.  We’ve been able to go and visit friends, attend family events without having to organise a convoy of cars.  It’s just amazing and we are so grateful to James’ grandad for giving us money towards buying ‘Blue Betty’ and also his parents for loaning us the rest.

We’re still in an adjusting stage but we’re loving every minute of it.  All the children are so happy and playing together amazingly, Eden is now at that perfect age.  I love that they’re all able to play together without our involvement.  James and I often just sit watching how sweetly they interact.  I can’t wait for our holidays together in a couple of weeks and all the holidays we have planned for the next year.  It makes such a difference having a second wage.

From all of us loving life and enjoying our little family so much we hope you and yours are great too.