Breakfast Treat & Toddlers Buying Gifts | Advent #2

December 2nd we awoke and I was so pleased I’d managed to get out of the house the day before I figured to keep the ball rolling we would go out for breakfast together.  I needed to go and have some bloods taken, (I’m being tested for a few things at the moment) so we set off to the GP and then after that we kidnapped Daddy to join us at Frankie & Benny’s.

My Mum telephoned me around this time, my Grandad had fractured his back and was in hospital so I wanted to go and visit him, so as soon as had finished breakfast that was where we were heading.  After being at our child friendly local Italian the night before it was difficult to keep the toddlers at the table, they just figure it’s a free for all wherever we go now.  We seem to be at a stage where we’ve lost control of them.  To be honest, I don’t mind leaving them to play happily and get up to their own devices so long as they’re safe and not doing anything they really shouldn’t.  Running around the restaurant obviously falls into something they shouldn’t be doing, so we had to use some iPhone bribery, and balloons etc to keep them at the table whilst the breakfast was cooking.

We love going to Frankie & Benny’s for breakfast, it’s becoming a little tradition of ours if we want to have a nice breakfast together.  The portions are great, the prices are great.  The children always love the food, the staff are very friendly and it’s not too expensive if we go as a six.  Judah and Eden usually share an adult breakfast between them.  James always opts for the pancakes, Shayla loves a good cooked breakfast, Isis has started copying me and our favourite is always the Eggs Benedict.  Hmm… scrummy!

Heading to my Mum’s the babies were in a good mood, albeit sometimes fighting over the balloon that had survived in the car.  We waited for my Dad to come home from work and all headed to see my Grandad.  We took it in turns watching the babies in a cafe area while we went to the observation area my Grandad was being assessed in.  I took him a balloon, which my husband thought was silly but he really loved it as he had to stay on his back, with nothing but a ceiling to stare at.  This broke my heart to be honest so I stayed with him a couple of hours until he fell asleep, so he had company and James took the toddlers off for a McDonalds treat.  Oops, two treats in one day, anyone would think it was Christmas.

On the way home we took the babies to see the Christmas lights in Lytham (round the corner from my Mum) and then to buy a gift for each other in Mothercare.  Eden was great at choosing for Judah.  We all know that he loves dinosaurs.  Judah was finding it more difficult, either finding something he would want, or the most expensive thing in the place, something we already had (we have ride-ons coming out of our ears), or Eden kept changing her mind what she liked.  In the end, we still ended up with a blow up rabbit that she can sit on, but they were happy.

Another book advent later and they were off to sleep.  It is strange having these advent moments without the girls, but we will take them to shop for each other soon, and definitely another visit to look at Christmas lights or two will be happening when they’re with us.

Hope your advent is going well so far.  We’re really enjoying ours and I’m loving documenting it over on our You Tube channel with Vlogmas.

Here’s the day in video form, my favourite bits are Judah dancing outside Frankie & Benny’s and the children running around in Lytham enjoying the lights.




Christmas Tree Hunting | Advent #1

I have been crazy busy with filming and editing and yes, finally taking my children out, (wuhoo!) that I have been behind with my daily blogging.  However, we have been daily vlogging over on our YouTube channel for Vlogmas.  It’s hard work doing it daily, not so much the filming but the edit.  We’ll see how we go.  After I’ve written this post I’m about to edit day 3, so we’ll see how I get on.  These posts will follow along with the vlogs as we savour our memories this year.  December 1st we went Christmas tree hunting and it always makes the children so happy.  It’s one of my favourite times of the whole year.

I hope everyone else has been enjoying advent so far.  This time of year can be so difficult for people.  I’m aware that as difficult as I’ve been finding my daily dilemmas they are absolutely nothing compared to what is going on in the world.  So I choose to be grateful for all that I do have despite not being at my best.  I don’t want to be political in my posts really, but I’m very sad with the way things are going at the moment.  It is going to be a horrendous Christmas for some countries across our planet.  I know this is nothing new too, but like many others I am becoming increasingly aware as I look at the world around me, as a mother, bringing new life into this chaos.  I just hope to give them the nicest life I can, and the most precious memories that I can, while I can.  We are so fortunate to live where we do.

Our wooden advent box hadn’t arrived in time for the 1st as the post has been a nightmare.  I could see that she’d sent it recorded delivery guaranteed next day, but it didn’t arrive, so oh well, I just chose one of the tasks for the babies, and it was to go and choose a tree.  I wanted to wait for the girls to do this, but I looked at my list and I just couldn’t choose any of the activities that I could bare them to not be involved in.  I decided we’re just going to have to go ahead with our daily tasks, knowing that they would deliver it for Thursday when the girls were with us and we could all decorate it together then.  It’s hard being a blended family at this time of year, but the girls get to have twice the joy, so that makes me happy for them, even though we don’t get to have all of the memories with them.

We went to one of my favourite little Christmas Tree farms.  The little place they sell them from is only open seasonally of course but they always have such lovely trees to choose from.  The children were mesmerised.  Judah wanted a little small one that he was bigger than so that he could have it in his room.  I don’t think that’s happening, but he seemed really thrilled with the idea of being taller than the tree.  He did agree with us on the tall bushy one that we chose in the end though, so that was a bonus.  He’s at that age now where he is REALLY opinionated.  He has a take on everything and lets me know about it.  It’s difficult to work with but at the same time, I like him being a part of the decision making process.

After we’d chosen our tree to be delivered Thursday evening we went to have food with friends at a little Italian restaurant near to us.  I will write them a review separately as I’m always so impressed when we go there.  They are just so incredibly child friendly.  You couldn’t ask any more of them really, considering they’re a restaurant.  The food is great, the atmosphere is relaxed, the children can go and play in a corner with some toys that they provide.  Children eat free before 6:30pm (with an accompanying paying adult) and for only £3 after that, or on Fridays and Saturdays.  The price is fair for the adult food too, and they also deliver, their take out menu is even cheaper.  We’ve never used them for take out yet, but I guess that’s because the atmosphere is so great for children, it’s nice to get out every so often.  There’s not many places that I feel comfortable taking our four children where we won’t be disturbing other people.  So I could not rave about it more.  Gusto Italia for anyone local to the North West of the UK.

We had a really lovely meal, we could’ve stayed and chatted to our friends all evening, but obviously all our toddlers were getting tired and fractious so we went home.  Eden was too tired to join in the book advent properly, but Judah really enjoyed his book ‘Norman the Slug Who Saved Christmas’.  We read it at least three times, and he asked for it again the next morning.  So this one is definitely a win with our three year old boy.

Again, I hope that everyone else is enjoying advent so far, but if you are struggling at this time of year, talk to someone.  You can direct message me on twitter @imeverymum or message me on my facebook page .  I definitely do not have all the answers, but I can try and help you feel less alone.  Also, make sure you call someone if you need someone to chat to, there are some great teams of people out there just waiting to talk to you.  Contact people like the Samaritans that are available 365 days a year.  Click here for all their contact details, their phone number is free.

Here is our first daily Vlogmas, hope you enjoy.  I’ll try and remember to take my big camera out and get pictures too for future advent posts