What Can Vegans Eat {Handmade Burger Company Review}

Last month the lovely Lucy from Hello Beautiful Bear invited me to come and review the Handmade Burger Company’s vegan menu.  I know while making the transition to cruelty-free it’s often the question in my mind if we try and go out to a restaurant for food ‘what can vegans eat?’  I am never one to want to be fussy and usually always order similar meals from wherever I go.  I know that sounds so boring, but I’m usually such a plain eater.  Having made the change to go vegan has made a MASSIVE difference to my palette with experimenting on so many different levels both cooking and eating out.  So now that we’re spending more time in Manchester as a family, and there is always the potential for a Sunday afternoon treat, I’m going to be posing the question at many different restaurants ‘what can vegans eat?’

What Can Vegans Eat?

The answer at the Handmade Burger Company is quite a lot actually.  They have multiple vegan options on the menu, and also, if you ask there are a lot of extras that they can also make vegan for you.  All of the desserts are now able to be made vegan as they just replace with dairy free ice-cream, so please just ask and they can make any of the sundaes vegan for you.

Lucy and I opted to try the newest additions to the vegan menu:  I had the Thai Vegetable burger and Lucy had the Veg Mex.  There are so many options of sides that you can have too.  Lucy enjoyed munching on some gherkins, my husband James would’ve joined her in this quest as he loves gherkins and would always pinch them from the children back in our Happy Meal buying days.  I was so excited that they had sweet potato fries, which seem to be my newest obsession and I make them at LEAST once a week for the family.  Lucy enjoyed some Piri Piri fries which also looked delicious, I should’ve tried one really, I don’t know why I didn’t, but Lucy didn’t have any left by the end so that speaks for itself.  We also had some vegetable skewers to share but I was just too full.  They kindly packaged up the leftovers for Lucy to take back for her husband Mike in a lovely little box.  Being a Mum of four I always really appreciate places that package up leftovers well.  It makes a big difference when you’ve paid for something that the children weren’t really ready to eat, and then they can enjoy it when they’re hungry because the restaurant supplied a lovely take out box.

I also enjoyed a really yummy vegan strawberry milkshake.  I would never have thought to order a milkshake with my meal, and definitely wouldn’t have expected it to be included in the ‘what can vegans eat’ category.  It was perfect though, it really kept the balance right as my thai burger was quite spicy.

I was blessed that Lucy had invited me so there was no cost involved but if we had paid it would’ve been under £20 each which seems completely reasonable to me.  If I were to go again, I wouldn’t have as many sides and would maybe try one of the yummy sundaes and that would’ve come under £20 a head too.  I’m not really one to eat dessert but they looked so delicious it would definitely tempt me.  James and I would probably get one to share.

Anyway, I’ve rattled on long enough.  I made a little vlog for you to see for yourself what it was like……  ENJOY!

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