When I Grow Up I Want to be Daddy

Our little cute man is going through a phase where if you ask him who he wants to be his answer will be ‘Daddy’.  This fact was discovered by my sister when she asked him while he was staying with my Mum last week.  This made it even more special for me as it wasn’t for James’ approval, or mine, it was his genuine response in the midst of playing and laughing with my sister when she asked him.  Probably expecting him to say ‘a dinosaur’ or one of the characters from ‘Paw Patrol’, that’s what I would’ve expected.

I’m so lucky that my little man looks up to his Daddy so much that he wants to be him.  I’m so lucky that our girls want to marry someone like their Daddy.  I’m ridiculously lucky and will never stop being grateful after my past experiences (you can read my Life as a Domestic Violence Survivor post if you’re new to my blog and want to know what I’m on about) that I am with someone that I would love my baby boy to grow up to be like, or for our girls to model their future husband requirements on.  There are so many good men out there, but it was a long time before I knew and believed that.

He is such a sweet big brother.  He can be a little monster at times.  He’s going through a phase where he really doesn’t like to share and his two year old little sister will hand things over to him to stop him crying rather than the other way around.  He punched an 8 year old at soft play once though because they pushed Eden over.  We were gobsmacked and obviously told him that he shouldn’t hit anyone but also secretly proud that he was fearless in the face of someone twice his size when it came to protecting his little sister.  Of course I don’t want him to grow up to use his fists but I think at 3 you’re not sure how to express yourself sometimes and just use your body or your mouth to shout when you don’t like what’s going on.  It’s definitely not something he’s ever seen at home.

He is the sweetest and cheekiest little man, who can be found snuggling in bed with me around 8pm each evening as he just won’t settle in bed.  We used to try and get him to stay in his own room, and settle him there, and sometimes he will ask to do that with his Daddy, but no matter what we’ve tried, no matter how much his bedroom looks like the Blackpool illuminations, he still has a fear of the dark.  So, after lots of tricks we decided to just let him fall asleep with us and then we put him back to bed.  He will usually appear in our bed in the early hours of the morning and then we just co-sleep.  We weighed up the options, and I know some may think it’s not the best idea to let him have free reign in his bedtime routine but we decided that as much as we would like our bed to ourselves and for him to settle easily in his own room (the girls are all great at going to bed), it is most important to us that he feels comfortable, safe and secure.  It’s not like he’s going to be in our bed when he’s a teenager.  Once he’s old enough to get over his fear he’ll probably not want to come and snuggle in with Mummy and Daddy.

He gives the best cuddles this little man, gently stroking the arm of whoever he’s wrapped up with.  Even Eden does it now.  She’ll cuddle him and stroke his face.  It is the most adorable thing to see your 2 year old cuddling and stroking the face of your 3 year old and vice versa.  They care for each other so much, it’s adorable.  So gentle and tender.  You wouldn’t think it when they’re squabbling over toys but they really and truly love each other so much.  I pray that it always stays this way.

I pray that he always wants to be just like his Daddy, whatever form that takes, whatever job he wants to do, whoever he grows up to be, whomever he chooses to love, that his character would be gentle, kind, supportive, and free to express whatever he chooses to express.  My husband is the most liberated, free of inhibitions person that I have ever met.  I really pray that all the children get that quality from him.  I’m blessed to have one in a million and four gorgeous, loving children.

He is the light in my eyes, my only son, and the sunshine that breaks through the cloudiest days.


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